INN SITU is an ongoing series of photography exhibitions, concerts and public dialogues at BTV Stadtforum, Innsbruck. The series was developed by the artistic director Hans-Joachim Gögl and is continuously curated by him. All INN SITU exhibitions and concerts are newly developed works created on site in the region. The exhibitions take place within the Stadtforum, the concerts and dialogues in the Ton Halle, the concert hall at BTV Stadtforum. All exhibitions are documented in a catalogue series in German and English, published by Edition Fotohof in Salzburg.


Photography, music, dialogue
International photographic art in resonance with regional musicians from Tyrol and Vorarlberg: In their perception of the landscape, the people, the places and the realities of life, renowned photographic artists create an exhibition each as a reflection of this encounter. Outside view meets inside perspective. Photography as a strategy to view our own world through the eyes of others.

Alongside this, we invite local musicians from Tyrol and Vorarlberg to produce a new concert in artistic resonance with the photographic works. The dramaturgical triad is rounded off with a series of commentary dialogues combining science, art and everyday culture.

A space for the arts

The BTV Stadtforum’s location in the city centre, the access from the pedestrian zone and the immediate vicinity to the city’s other cultural institutions place the INN SITU Gallery in the heart of the city’s cultural life. With two spacious exhibition rooms with a total exhibition space of approximately 300 m² and state-of-the-art air-conditioning and lighting equipment, an artistic space was created in an architecturally appealing setting within a lively environment. INN SITU is accessible via a separate entrance. For a barrier-free access to the gallery and to all INN SITU events, a bell is available for visitors. It is located at the entrance to the Sitzwohl restaurant.
Concert hall - Ton Halle

Alongside the foyer, the Ton Halle is the largest indoor space at the BTV Stadtforum. It is used for internal bank lectures and events, but also for public performances such as concerts, readings and the like. In contrast to the colourless atmosphere of the hall, this strictly cubic interior appears as an almost intimate “honey-coloured” case, a treasure chest lined all around with bamboo. The floor, the walls, the ceiling, and even the sliding doors to the atrium courtyard – a total area of 1400 m2 is clad with panels of bamboo cut across the fibre. The side walls are perforated up to lintel height to improve sound conduction. At the same time, the fine sound holes double to let fresh air flow inaudibly into the hall.
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